Canadian University Dubai is a research-oriented institution, with a broad portfolio of academic publications and expertise. Across our seven academic Schools – Architecture & Design; Business Administration; Communication and Media Studies; Engineering & Applied Science & Technology; Environment & Health Sciences; Liberal Arts & Sciences; and Graduate Studies – the University has made significant research contributions across a range of disciplines.

Goals & Objectives

The research initiatives and projects conducted at Canadian University Dubai are aimed at:

  • Providing a means to reach out to student communities, industry practitioners and the wider business community, and to raise awareness of the great opportunities that research at Canadian University Dubai offers in addressing local and global challenges. 
  • Fostering and facilitating broad, multi-disciplinary involvement and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Creating a web-based resource repository to facilitate research, education, and outreach to the student community.
  • Stimulating industry/business/community interest and investment in university research by demonstrating the way scholarly research can fuel business growth and innovation. 

The success of the research initiatives at the University will be measured by:

  • Collaborating with government institutions, industry, and other stakeholders to engage in research activities that directly and constructively impact the UAE's economy and society.
  • Engaging our students in research to broaden their knowledge and enhance their understanding of effective methodologies and scholarly journals in their respective academic disciplines. 
  • Providing resources to faculty and students to in their research activities.
  • Organizing international conferences and workshops to serve as forums for researchers and practitioners to exchange, network, present, and discuss their research and knowledge, and contribute towards the sharing of such knowledge among the University and wider community.