Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre provides Academic support and tutoring free of charge for students requesting additional academic help. This is essential in ensuring our students’ academic success.

Personal Counseling

Canadian University Dubai recognizes the incredible pressure on today’s students. These pressures can be unbearable for some students and could lead to serious conditions that can jeopardize their academic success. The University‘s aim is to prevent students from either feeling alone, or feeling unable to seek help for their problems.

The student counselor has professional experience and training in order to assist students, whether the issues are emotional, psychological, social or physical. All counseling is done on an individual basis and is strictly confidential. Students will be provided with all the assistance they need and, if necessary, will be referred to outside medical professionals to ensure they get the appropriate help.

Special Needs Services

Canadian University Dubai pledges to provide an inclusive learning environment and to support the cognitive, emotional and creative development of students with special needs.

Every effort is made to accommodate students with special needs such that their program learning objectives are met.