Student Affairs

Welcome to Student Affairs at Canadian University Dubai.

Whether you’re looking for career counseling, learning support, sport and activities, or health services, the Student Affairs department can help. We work with students from day one until graduation day (and even beyond), offering students support and opportunities to be part of both the CUD and wider Dubai communities, in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Our Mission

Our aim is to support the University’s academic mission and vision, by creating events and activities that integrate learning, culture, community awareness and social experiences to help students reach their educational, personal, and professional goals.

Our Goals

  • To link student events to General Education Courses so as to bring valuable learning outcomes
  • To align with the Schools and Academics, to improve collaboration and involvement of administrative departments of the University
  • To develop, train and empower the Student Councils
  • To Increasing awareness of Student Councils and provide students a voice through Student Councils
  • To work effectively with the Communications Department to ensure activities are promoted to students
  • To make events and activities as attractive as possible to as many students as possible in order to satisfy the diversity of our student community
  • To behave ethically as a corporation by raising funds and awareness for charity associations, increasing our CSR levels and developing positive government and NGO relations
  • To create a positive perspective on student activities and raise pride in the University and the schools