Our Partners

Higher education thrives in the UAE by the combined support of government, corporate partners and the community at large.

Engagement with these entities for the betterment of the community is fundamental to both the vision of this country's leaders and the goals of the university. Canadian University Dubai endeavors to establish these relationships and to participate in the ongoing success of the community we serve.

Canadian University Dubai has established itself through corporate partnerships with leaders of government and industry both nationally and internationally.

In appreciation of our partners, here are a few of the organizations who endeavor to support the community through educational collaboration.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Established in 1979 as the anchor high rise on what is recognized today as Dubai's dazzling skyscraper corridor, the Dubai World Trade Centre has and continues to play a crucial role in promoting trade with the wider region and opening doors for business opportunities with the world.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank strives to deliver banking as it should be: simple, transparent, for mutual benefit and guided and inspired by Shari'a.

Canadian Specialist Hospital

Canadian Specialist Hospital works to meet the demands of the community, standing out as the first class regional healthcare center by employing excellent staff providing clinical excellence, advanced and compassionate patient care utilizing the cutting edge technology and adopting the finest healthcare standards.

Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group

Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group provides innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers in the Gulf countries. Founded more than 25 years ago, the Group is active in the areas of Travel, Shipping, Cargo, Logistics, Mineral Water, Real Estates, Trading, Information Technology, Interactive Media, Production and Brand Media Communications.

Brookefield Multiplex

Brookfield Multiplex is a leading global contractor - they build, engineer, maintain and operate property and infrastructure assets. Steadfast, driven and bold, Brookfield Multiplex is an accomplished international contracting and development business, at their best creating large-scale and complex landmark buildings, commercial structures and infrastructure projects. Forward-thinking and focused they build sustainable futures, enriching communities.

Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre

The Rashid Centre aims to provide high quality, integrated education services and therapies for children with special needs. The Centre's purpose is to develop children's abilities to function and learn within their environments, that is, home, school, and community, and to develop maximum independence and participation in these environments.

Emirates Cancer Foundation

The Emirates Cancer Foundation (ECF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created by a group of dedicated volunteers and professionals with the aim of raising awareness about cancer to the people of the UAE, Middle East and all other Arabic-speaking regions, and to educate and support them.

Emirates Environmental Group

Emirates Environmental Group is a professional working group devoted to protecting the environment through means of education, action programs and community involvement.


Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) is a Dubai government department responsible for the legal supervision over the Awqaf, its care and investment, as well as the well-being of minors. It manages, and invests such money through an Islamic perspective in full Sharia compliance as well as cares and empowers such minors.

Dubai Islamic Bank

Established in 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank was the first Islamic bank to have incorporated the principles of Islam in all its practices. It combines the highest ethical standards of Sharia with state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of innovative banking products.

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

DEWA is meeting customer satisfaction and promoting Dubai's vision through delivery of electricity and water services at a world-class level of reliability, efficiency, safety and environment by a competent workforce and effective partnerships; supporting resources sustainability.

Roads & Transport Authority

The RTA develops integrated and sustainable transportation systems and provide distinguished services to all stakeholders to support Dubai's comprehensive growth plans through preparing policies and legislations, adapting technologies and innovative approaches, and implementing world-class practices and standards.

Dubai Health Authority

A world-class integrated health system, Dubai Health Authority ensures excellence in health and healthcare for the Emirate of Dubai and promotes Dubai as a globally recognized destination for medical care.

Department of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development seeks to create an environment for sustainable economic development to enhance the economic welfare and prosperity of Dubai and the UAE.

Dubai Police

Dubai Police insure security and safety for the community and maintain public order with world-class efficiency, professionalism, and levels of excellence.

Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality works to plan, design, build and manage the municipal infrastructure, facilities and services through the appropriate investment in human and other resources maintaining sustainable development.

Dubai Real Estate Corporation

Dubai Real Estate Corporation aims to make Dubai the world's leading destination for all major exhibitions, conferences and events.

Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge Expansion is a relationship consultancy organization that works with various industry leaders to transfer and share knowledge. Their mission is to share information on ethical approaches that are scientifically validated, to help companies and people gain and increase their credibility.

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