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The personal and professional demands of contemporary life have brought about an ever-growing demand for qualified mental health and social care professionals. In spite of the significant shortage, there are still very few universities in the region offering Bachelor degrees in this domain. The CUD Department of Social Sciences was established to respond to this demand.

We train the next generation of practitioners, to help improve people’s health, performance and happiness, and to contribute to the overall wellbeing of UAE society. Through their strong curriculum, professional networks and expert faculty, our two social sciences programs, delivered in English and Arabic, train students in the many specialties covered by these disciplines.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA), offered in both English and Arabic languages, prepares students for their graduate studies or to enter the many fields open to holders of this degree, while the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sociology, delivered in Arabic, prepares students for a career in social work and other social care-related professions.

Each program offers an outstanding education, led by qualified and licenced faculty in a stimulating, student-centered learning environment. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and professional competencies to help you deliver service excellence and develop effective solutions to the many societal challenges that lie ahead, from mental health to business psychology. Whatever your goal is after graduation; starting a job, going to graduate school, or joining another program such as Medicine or Law, we will assist you in pursuing a professional and successful career.


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