Robotics Club

The CUD Robotics Club was established in Fall 2015 to bring together students from across the University to work together in the creation of working robots.

Participation in the club is a fun way to develop new skills and to explore the future of technology, while meeting other students from around the University. Members also have the opportunity to take part in external events and competitions, in the UAE and wider region.

The Robotics Club operates under three main categories.

1) Mechanical: This category involves working on building a robot physically from scratch; transforming the imagination of a robot design into a real robot.

2) Electronics: This category involves creating the connection between the robot parts through various boards, and then connecting to an active object that can be read by a PC, or be controlled by a wired or wireless controller.

3) Software: This category involves writing the codes to make the robots sensor active and readable, and to give commands that make the robot functionally work.

Our Mission

The purpose of the CUD Robotics Club is to empower ambitious students with resources to enable them to build robots for fun and competition, to remove barriers from entry into robotics, and to create a path to success.

Our Vision

We aim to bring together members from all majors of the University, so by having different perspectives we will be able to create a community that knows about robots and also make it enjoyable at the same time.

Membership Information

If you’re a CUD student with an interest in any aspect of robotics and a desire to learn something new, you are invited to join the Club. For more information you can email

The Team

Dr. Sherif Moussa

Dr. Sherif Moussa

Faculty Supervisor

Farouk Dalhatu

Farouk Dalhatu


>Esraa  Elhanfy

Esraa Elhanfy


Osama Hadi

Osama Hadi

Communication Coordinator

Atiq Yousuf

Atiq Yousuf


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