If you want to make a difference in the wellbeing of our earth and humans, you are at the right place. We share the same ambitious goal—making a difference in the field of Public Health

Pathways to Medical Schools  

Welcome to the Department of Public Health, where we aim to shape the public health discourse by educating and training tomorrow’s public health leaders who will be the driving force for change.

Public Health related concerns are some of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and the Department of Public Health at Canadian University Dubai works to address them. As a public health graduate, you will be able to play an important role in predicting and protecting the future of our planet and humankind. You will work at the forefront of the public health field as you study and serve local and global communities. A career in public health gives you the opportunity to contribute new knowledge, develop novel solutions and work with others to improve the health of people locally, nationally and internationally.

Our environment and health are pivotal to today’s world and its future sustainability; health is the focal point of humanity and without proper health systems, our existence would be at stake. Simultaneously, climate change due to global warming, pollution, the depletion of natural resources, infectious diseases, and lifestyle present serious issues that affect our long-term wellbeing. The Department of Public Health was established to provide insight and equip students with the skills required to implement the principles that they learn to real work problems and create solutions to these significant, global issues. Students learn public health by doing public health.

CUD’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health comes in line to the ‘We the UAE 2031’ which represents the governmental vision for the next decade. The vision was created to accelerate the nation’s growth in mainly in healthcare, sustainability, and other sectors. The BSc. in Public Health will contribute to the vision of positioning the UAE as one of the top 10 countries in the world for healthcare services and one of the global forces in the environmental agenda by graduating equipped students to fulfil this vision. 

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health with two concentrations Environmental Health Management and Health Administration are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, and deliver a well-balanced, comprehensive and student-centred education, combining academic and applied learning related to current and future public health concerns. As a graduate of the Department, you will have the knowledge and professional skills to meet the needs of the industry in the UAE and internationally, to help face the global health and environmental challenges of current and future generations. 

Pathways to Medical Schools

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has signed a ground-breaking agreement with GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools, to provide students with a structured pathway to enter one of three medical schools in North America. Under the partnership, graduates of CUD’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree programs will have the unique opportunity to earn direct entry into Saba University School of Medicine (SABA), Medical University of the Americas (MUA), or St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine (SMU). The collaboration marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the UAE and MENA region.

Each institution has extensive partnerships with hospitals throughout the United States and Canada that are approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, supporting clinical rotation across the United States and Canada.

  • GUS Medical & Veterinary
  • SABA University School of Medicine
  • MUA Medical University of the Americas
  • SMU St. Matthew's University


Students in Action


Public Health students participated in the Eleventh Undergraduate Research and Innovation Competition held by Abu Dhabi University on May 23, 2024, under the category of Health Sciences. The research was about Evaluating Awareness and Performance towards COVID-related Disinfectant Use: A Comparative Study between Jordan and United Arab Emirates.


Public Health students participated in a beach clean-up, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining clean beaches to protect marine biodiversity and promote a healthier environment.


On October 14th, 2023, Canadian University Dubai was represented by students from various departments, including the Department of Public Health, and Student Council; at the Climate Ambassadors Programme (CAP), held at Expo City in Dubai. The program was organized by the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, in collaboration with the Expo School Program, in support of the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, and 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Dubai. The program aimed to provide students across the nation with insights into the discussions and negotiations that take place between nations at COP28, with the vision to develop the environmental leaders of tomorrow and nurture climate change.


BSc in Public Health 1st year Student Yaqoub Yousef Doty won Gold Medal for the category of MEN'S GI / BLUE / AMATEUR at the AJP TOUR DOHA INTERNATIONAL JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 - GI October 20 - 21 which was held in Qatar between 20-21 October 2023.


On 13th of October, a group of Public Health students majoring in Environmental Health Management attended the World Migratory Bird Day, which is being held under the slogan: “Water: Sustaining Bird Life,” in solidarity to enhance awareness of migratory birds and preserve their sustainability, held by Dubai Municipality. The students participated in dialogue sessions with the experts in order to have a better understanding of migratory birds, their types and number, in addition to spreading awareness of their importance to wildlife and biological diversity.


On the 11th of September 2023, students from the Department of Public Health, majoring in Environmental Health Management (EHM) attended "THE University Impact Forum: Clean Water & Sanitation: Accelerating action on SDG 6 ", held in AlAin University in partnership with the United Arab Emirates University. This forum addressed several research ideas and solutions targeting the importance of SDG6, technologies mitigating water sanitation challenged, best practices in water sanitations and roles of universities to accelerate SDG6 achievement. This Forum presented a valuable opportunity for EHM students to learn about latest research in water sanitation, meet and network with experts in the field and apply their own thinking to the topic at hand.


As part of their BSc in Public Health, the Environmental Health Management students take a course in ‘Management of Domestic and Hazardous Wastes’ that deals with topics such as municipal solid waste and hazardous waste management. On13th of April 2023, our students visited the landfill site in Al Qusais, accompanied by their instructor Dr. Sahar Issa. The aim of this field visit was to support and supplement the students’ learning environment and give them an overview of how municipal solid waste is managed in the city of Dubai.


During the Biology II lab sessions, the Public Health students engaged in hands-on dissection activities. These practical experiences ignite their curiosity, prompting them to examine the intricate elements of anatomical structures and functions. Through observation, they identify patterns across different species and establish meaningful connections between structure and function.


On the 20th of January 2023, students of the "Public health" department participated in an environmental activity organized by Ferrero Trading Lux S.A. as part of their corporate social responsibility towards green environment and sustainability. The students planted more than 30 Ghaf trees at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture showing a valuable commitment in promoting life sustainability and protecting the UAE natural resources.


Marzhan Sagintayeva“When it comes to our planet, time is ticking and every second matters. This is one of the reasons I chose this major, however I truly love Environmental Science and believe it’s the right path for me, for many reasons. I have been introduced to so many courses, such as micro-biology and water and waste. The course focuses on all the different areas of ecology.”

“In the future, I see myself as a scientist in the field of ecology and the environment and potentially continue into medicine.”


“Environment and health come together hand in hand - this is because an environment has to be healthy for humans to stay healthy. It's a win-win situation between humans and nature. Healthy environment results in healthy humans which results in better crops and animal products.

I was drawn to ‘Public Health’ as a major because I am interested in human health and how that ties in with the environment. I feel that there are many ways to help solve these issues

‘Only One Earth’ to me means that there is no “planet B” so we have to focus on restoring what we already have and working on living a sustainable life and healthy environment free from pollution so that we can live a healthier life both mentally and physically.”


Abbas Kazem

Our Environmental Health student, shares his experience as the Senior Food Trade Hygiene Officer at Dubai Municipality

In the interview with Al Khaleej, Abbas talks about the whole process of food inspection, the rules that need to be followed and the precautionary measures he takes to keep his family safe



I have always been interested in both the health and the business aspect of the health industry and I was pleased to discover that CUD offers this unique program. In many developing countries, there is a big shortage of trained personnel to manage the administration of healthcare institutes. After completing my degree from CUD I wish to go back to Azerbaijan and improve the health system in my country. With the expert guidance of my professors here at CUD, I am very confident of fulfilling my ambitions.



I have been born and brought up in Dubai and chose to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management here at CUD. The facilities here are fantastic and the staff are very warm and welcoming. I am extremely passionate about the environment and hence I chose this course as I see myself bringing about some positive changes to the earth so that we can live in a safer and healthier place.



I was looking to study a health-related Bachelor degree and CUD was one of the few institutions in the UAE that offered a course like this. The program consists of a good blend of health, business and management-related subjects that makes the degree varied and interesting, while retaining a strong vocational focus. The opportunity to take elective courses allows you to specialize in your area of interest or retain a broad perspective, depending on your own priorities, and the flexible timing of the program is a great help in managing studying alongside family life. Covering all of the important practical aspects of management, applied in the context of health-related services, I think the program is a strong foundation for a career in hospital management or related roles.



I chose Environmental Health Management because I have always wanted to make a difference in the world and help people in a unique way. As part of my degree, I had the chance to learn from some of the most qualified professors in the field and worked closely with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. I’d like to own my own business one day; one that emphasizes the importance of recycling and educates the community on the importance of waste management.


Nada Hashish

I was looking for a degree that was different from the conventional business courses, and this program offered me the opportunity to do something that would help me to make a difference in my future career. The program offers insights into a wide variety of environmental issues, from waste management to marine conservations.

All of the professors are extremely enthusiastic about the subject and make the learning process interactive and industry-relevant, through guest speakers and field trips that help us to understand how the academic theories are put into practice in the professional world. Outside the classroom, the University offers an excellent program of extracurricular activities that provides the perfect balance to academic life.


Abdulrahman Mohamed

The appeal of the Health Organization Management degree is that it combines both business-related and health-related subjects in one program, providing a good grounding in the operational and management considerations of running a business, while bringing in the science of healthcare-based systems.

This, combined with the experience of the professors, make for a very interesting blend of courses that offer different insights into hospitals and medical facilities management from a corporate perspective. The program has a highly vocational focus and I can already see that there will be many different career options open to me when I graduate.



CUD has given me so much in many ways and, above all, a good education. I selected CUD because they have given me the opportunity to study my course of choice as well as other interesting majors. One more thing I love about CUD is that it is multi-cultural; we have different nationalities that interact with one another and share their experiences. I intend to go back to Somalia and work on improving the environmental and health situation there.


Sadin Ismail Al Falasi

Working in the waste management department at Dubai Municipality, I am responsible for all of the treatment systems and for supervising the companies operating in the field of waste treatment and material recovery. I was motivated to take the Environmental Health Management program to acquire the skills to support the development and sustainability of Dubai through my profession. CUD provided me with a unique and outstanding learning experience that taught me all the theories and principles to succeed in my career. It is one of the top tier universities, not only in Dubai, but across the region.

Faculty in Action



Dr. Wissam Ghach presented at the "17th IFEH World Congress on Environmental Health", hosted by Environmental Health Australia (EHA) in Perth, Western Australia, on 20 - 24 May 2024. His research presentations were about: 1) Community Awareness of Safe Disinfectant in the Middle East amid COVID-19, and 2) Effectiveness of Pesticide Label Information, WHO Colour Codes, and GHS-FAO pictograms among Farmers. Attendees were from academic institutions, environmental health authority and industry.


Dr. Aseel Takshe presented at the Emirates HigherEd Safety Professionals Network (EHSPN), hosted by NYU-AD on 6th of June 2023. Her presentation was about the importance of Integrating Occupational, Health and Safety Topics in Academic Curricula. Attendees were from both Academic Institutions and OHS Industry.


Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi spoke at 10th Global Patients Congress (GPC 2023) session titled 'Evolving novel patient partnerships in genomic personalised medicine and digital health - AI and Machine learning' which took place in Geneva, Switzerland. The session covered how the next decade will increasingly see many innovative disrupter health technologies emerge from the convergence of genomic medicine with artificial intelligence and digital healthcare solutions and their impact on the world of healthcare as we know it.


As an appointed expert member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the Universal Health and Preparedness Review (UHPR), Dr. Mohammed AlKhaldi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Health had a visit to the WHO-QH with the presence of the Director General of WHO and other official seniors. The meeting of TAG was held in Geneva between 22 to 28 March 2023. Dr. AlKhaldi contributed to the deliberations of TAG experts that led to revising the global UHPR process and piloted countries and developing a global plan for the next stage of UHPR implementation.


Dr. Ahmad Okasha, from the Department of Public Health participated in the 4th MENA Telehealth Conference that took place on March 7th-8th 2023 in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai. The annual MENA Telehealth conference brings healthcare regulators, health funding authorities, payers, health insurance service providers, telemedicine service providers, CXOs healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals, eHealth technicians and academic institutions under one umbrella to present and discuss current trends, challenges, and possible telehealth solutions.


Dr. Sawsan AlMadhi, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Public Health moderated several discussions on leadership, AI, & wellness at the 6th International Multidisciplinary Breast Conference in Dubai. The scientific committee recognised her dedication to advancing knowledge and improving patient care with a well-deserved certificate of appreciation!


Dr. Wissam Ghach, a faculty member of Environmental Health Management at Canadian University Dubai represented the university at the on-site ‘Seminar II of the DIES ProGrant Program in Amman, Jordan’.

The program was organized by the University of Cologne, Germany, to train academic researchers in writing; and to review proposals for research grants – under the affiliation of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), the German Academic Exchange Service.


The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management will equip you with the current tools and techniques to face the most challenging issues related to health organization and environmental health.

With a degree in this field, you will be a crucial asset to environmental and health employers, ministers and international organizations!


Dr. Ahmad Okasha from the CUD’s Department of Environmental Health Science was selected by EIAC to receive the first UAE national accreditation standards for healthcare providers training. Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) was established pursuant to Law number (27) for the year 2015, issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, to become the governmental accreditation body of the Emirate of Dubai. EIAC recently has received endorsement from the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (ISQua EEA) for its Accreditation Standard for Healthcare Providers. CUD is looking forward for continuing collaboration with EIAC to serve the healthcare community in the UAE.


Dr. Mohammed AlKhaldi Dr. Mohammed AlKhaldi leads CUD's students' participation in a panel discussion with environmental journalist Anna Turns, focusing on sustainability. The session was held in preparation for COP28, at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. COP28 is the 28th Conference of Parties session, a key decision-making body under the United Nations Framework Convention focusing on Climate Change, aiming to create strong climate messages.

During the panel discussion, the students were taught about the significance of diversity, the use of gamification in implementing solutions, and educating the public, which are crucial elements in tackling the climate crisis and achieving worldwide impact.


Dr. Ahmad Okasha participated in the 5th GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference on the 2-3rd of November 2022 at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai. The GCC Taskforce on Workforce Development in Digital Healthcare envisions a sustainable digital health ecosystem through a skilled and empowered local eHealth workforce. The conference brings health informatics experts from health authorities, health industry, and universities across the GCC region as well as global experts. Canadian University Dubai is a regular and active participant in the conference and specifically in the annual roundtable on the role of higher education. This year's theme was the Role of Higher Education in the eHealth Capacity Building


Congratulations to Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi, Assistant Professor – Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences, who has been featured in Arabian Business’s 2021 Women of Influence list!

“Among the most influential leaders in the UAE and the wider Arab region spearheading the movement for cancer prevention and control, Dr Sawsan Al Madhi is the driving force behind one of UAE’s largest civil society organisations, Friends Of Cancer Patients (FOCP)”


Dr. Mohammed Alkhaldi, Department of Public Health Assistant Professor was a keynote speaker at The Global Health Network Conference, “Enabling Health Research in Every Healthcare Setting”, on 24-25 November 2022, in Cape Town, South Africa. His research work was centred around " a vision for structured and impactful health research: from system analysis and understanding towards system strengthening of the health research systems in developing countries.

This research work aligns with the aim and scope of this global conference that focuses on sharing methods, skills, countries' experiences, and approaches in fostering health research in every disease, setting and community. The submitted research work was selected among more than 900 abstracts received from all parts of the world through a highly competitive process.

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Advisory Board

Professor Michael Sparer

Dr. Michael S. Sparer is Professor and Chair in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. Professor Sparer studies and writes about the politics of health care, with a particular emphasis on the health insurance and health delivery systems for low-and-middle income populations, both in the United States and globally. His current projects include a study of the rise (and demise) of most of the non-profit insurance "cooperatives" created by the Affordable Care Act, an analysis of the cross-national politics of public health, and an examination of political and policy implications of permitting all Americans to buy-into Medicaid. He is a two-time winner of the Mailman School's Student Government Association Teacher of the Year Award, the recipient of a 2010 Columbia University Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching, and the winner of the Core Curriculum Teaching Excellence Award. Professor Sparer spent seven years as a litigator for the New York City Law Department, specializing in inter-governmental social welfare litigation. After leaving the practice of law, Sparer obtained a PhD in Political Science from Brandeis University. Sparer is the former editor of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, and the author of Medicaid and the Limits of State Health Reform, as well as numerous articles and book chapters.


Dr. Sawsan AlMadhi

Dr. Sawsan AlMadhi is a Medical Doctor, holding an MSc in healthcare management (RCSI) and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK. Dr. AlMadhi holds more than 20 years of progressive leadership skills and experience in strategy, operations, and administration for the non-profit charitable sector. In addition, she is a very renowned public speaker who also focuses on women’s health. Previously she was the Director-General for Friends of Cancer Patients, one of the most reputable charities in the UAE, and currently she is the CEO & Founder AlignnEficient Health Consultancies. Dr. Sawsan was named as one of the CEO Women with influence in 2021. Dr. Sawsan is also lecturer at different UAE universities and conducted variety of speeches, presentations, trainings, and workshops.


Dr. Rashed Karkain

Dr. Rashed Karkain in an Emirati innovator, has a Ph.D. in Environment and Health, Master of Science in Innovation & Change Management and a Chemical Engineer graduated from University of South Florida, and more than 25 years of experience on the Technical as well as Leadership level in Sustainable Development, Environmental Project Management, Environmental Studies and Planning, Sustainable Management of Municipal Solid Wastes and Hazardous Wastes, Occupational Health and Safety and Integrated and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment. He has achieved Dubai Government Excellence Award twice, the First Place for Technical Project in 2010 and the Second Place on Technical Outstanding Employee in 2016, as well as Innovation Awards from Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (2020). Additionally, he has 10 registered Intellectual Properties at UAE’s Ministry of Economy.

Dr. Rashed is also lecturer at different UAE universities and conducted variety of speeches, presentations, trainings & workshops as well as research papers.


Dr. Monika Havelka

Dr. Monika Havelka is an Associate Professor, and the Environment Program director and Environment Science Program Director at the University of Toronto (UofT).  Her research interests and teaching include small-mammal ecology; restoration ecology; the ecology of the UTM whitetail deer population. Dr. Havelka also carries out research on pedagogy and the development of curriculum-based tools for learning. She co-teaches a Summer Abroad course in the Andes, Amazon, and Galápagos Islands.