Student life at CUD

At CUD, university life isn’t all about studying, there’s plenty of things to do outside of academia across our campus. Besides an outstanding academic experience, we offer a vibrant and inclusive student life, with an extensive range of opportunities to become part of the social and recreational aspects of our campus community.

From joining a student club, to taking part in your favourite sport, to meeting up with friends for lunch at the café, life at the CUD campus is always buzzing with activity. We encourage and support our students to get involved in their preferred form of extracurricular activity, and there’s lots to choose from. You can opt to build upon an existing interest or talent or try something for the first time and develop a new set of skills.

Besides providing an enjoyable balance to your academic life, an active campus experience can help you to develop confidence, interpersonal and leadership skills – competencies that will be helpful as you pursue your career goals. Extracurricular activities also provide students with the opportunity to use their strengths to make an impact on the local community.