Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Canadian University Dubai is committed to providing students with an international academic experience, guided by the highest educational and corporate ethics, adding value to the personal and professional lives of its graduates, and the communities in which we serve.

Our Mission

Canadian University Dubai promotes Canadian perspectives in learning, research and application, grounded in an appreciation and respect for the diverse culture and values of the UAE. 

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:

To create and maintain an environment conducive to continual learning and improvement while continuously evaluating all aspects of CUD operations to ensure relevance and excellence.


  • 1.1 To provide opportunities for students to enhance their classroom experience through the use of multi-media and online resources.
  • 1.2 Through the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, continuously evaluating our performance as a teaching and learning organization and the satisfaction of students and staff with the performance of the University.
  • 1.3 To use systematic planning, based on evidence, to develop the University both operationally and strategically.

Goal 2:

To adopt and show the enthusiasm and contribution of all staff and students and to support the ambitions of all by providing them with both academic excellence and the practical experience required for career success.


  • 2.1 To provide for excellence in teaching as measured by student and peer evaluation.
  • 2.2 To provide opportunities, where relevant, for job placements for projects and other activities.
  • 2.3 To engage the business, government and not for profit organizations within Dubai with the work of the University.

Goal 3:

To generate an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect while encouraging scholarly debate and applied research.


  • 3.1 To develop a focused Research Center which conducts applied research and engages both staff and students in the pursuit of scholarly activity.
  • 3.2 To hold periodic open and public lectures to encourage debate grounded in academic rigor on issues of concern to the region.
  • 3.3 To develop, with students and staff, a code of conduct that is honored and respected in the day to day work of the University.

Goal 4:

To accept accountability and value the input of all stakeholders particularly in our operation as a portal to Canadian education, and so make CUD the University of Choice in our target market and simultaneously an employer of choice for all academic, management and support staff.


  • 4.1 To have a clear strategy for collaboration and co-operation with Canadian post-secondary educational institutions and to develop collaborative agreements which reflect this strategy.
  • 4.2 To systematically collect data from stakeholders, internal and external, concerning the performance of the University, its strategic brand position and its opportunities for growth.
  • 4.3 To continue to grow the base of programs and student numbers so as to fulfil the mission and deliver the Strategic Plan of the University.

Goal 5:

To account for the needs of all internal and external stakeholders by securing sufficient and relevant resources that are available for the achievement of all strategic and operational goals, thus enhancing the sovereignty of the University as an independent institution of higher education. 


  • 5.1 To undertake systematic resource planning for teaching requirements, space requirements, library and student service requirements and for information technology, and to use these plans as a basis for budget development and strategic planning.
  • 5.2 To seek to secure our status as a self-financing organization at the earliest opportunity, using new investments for expansion and development.