Student Sponsorship Liaison Office

Welcome to the Student Sponsorship Liaison Office (SSLO)

The Student Sponsorship Liaison Office plans, develops and administers the Sponsorship program at the Canadian University Dubai. It facilitates the coordination between sponsoring organizations and the students who they sponsor. It provides the full support needed to achieve the highest return on investment.

Organizations wishing to sponsor their employees’ professional career progression choose CUD because of its commitment to the academic success of its students.

Value Added Services - The Key to Success

The Canadian University Dubai offers participating sponsoring partners with the following set of value-added services:

Annual onsite employee orientation session: CUD Admission staff and faculty provide a one-day orientation session to participating partners’ employees whom are keen on furthering their education.

Personalized admission and registration services: CUD’s Community Outreach Office provides personalized assistance to prospective students throughout their admission and registration process.

Continuous monitoring and reporting on the academic progression of sponsored students during their enrollment at CUD.

Constructive counseling and guidance to sponsored students throughout the academic year.

Invitations to CUD Corporate Open House events throughout the year.

Assistance with any other related administrative matters such as financial.

Typical Fees and Charges Covered by Sponsors

Fees and charges coverage vary from one sponsoring organization to the other. Below, are typical fees that are usually covered by sponsoring organizations:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accident insurance
  • Activity fees
  • Residential halls
  • Text books
  • TOEFL/IELTS tests and courses.

Moving Forward – How Students Can Start at CUD

Once the scholarship is internally granted, the sponsoring organization must submit their “Sponsorship Confirmation” letter to CUD highlighting the covered fees and charges. Once received, the prospective student should approach the SSLO office to initiate his/her admission and registration process.

Rules and Regulations for Sponsored Students – at a Glance

Abide by the rules and regulations of Canadian University Dubai and the sponsoring organization.

Abide by the rules and regulations of the Sponsorship Program.

Obtain formal approval from sponsoring organization before altering their academic status at CUD.

Formally notify the sponsoring body before adding/dropping any program.

Contact Us - Student Sponsorship Liaison Office

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