Accommodation Requests

Canadian University Dubai Accommodations

Canadian University Dubai is committed to providing students with an international academic experience, guided by the highest educational and corporate ethics, adding value to the personal and professional lives of its graduates, and the communities in which we serve.

Canadian University Dubai promotes Canadian perspectives in learning, research, and application, grounded in appreciation and respect for diverse cultures and UAE values.

We strive to meet this commitment in our student accommodations by providing accommodations conducive to study and positive social interaction in an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect.

All residents must allow their fellow students the opportunity:

  • To read and study undisturbed in their room
  • To sleep without disturbance from noise
  • To have free access to their room without pressure from roommates
  • To live in a safe, clean, and drug and alcohol ‐free environment

All students must:

  • Respect all UAE laws and rules, culture, and religion.
  • Respect UAE culture and religion regarding the relationship between women and men and refrain from sexual harassment and indecent exposure.
  • Maintain the well-being of their roommates and refrain from harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or causing physical harm.
  • Respect all rules and instructions given by the Accommodation Officer or his agents.
  • Respect the personal privacy of fellow students.
  • Respect the personal property of their roommates
  • Respect the University accommodation property.
  • Show respect towards university personnel, students, and security staff.
  • Show tolerance for different cultural and religious practices, living styles, and food preferences.
  • Practice good kitchen hygiene.
  • Inform other residents politely and respectfully if they are violating your rights or the rights of other students.
  • Inform the Accommodation Officer or Student Affairs if they feel that this atmosphere is not being provided.

Safety, Security, and Student Conduct

In Case of Emergency

Police 999
Ambulance 998
Fire Department 997


In the event of a non‐emergency incident at the Student Accommodations please contact: Mr. Samer or Ms. Soumia at:

Sameer 055-8602331
Soumia 055-8035463

Fire Prevention

Smoking, the burning of incense or candles, or using any open flame other than the kitchen stove is prohibited. Any student detecting smoke or fire must sound the fire alarm, call the fire department by dialing 997, and inform the Security Officer. Students must evacuate the building in the event of a fire alarm. Please ensure to be familiar with your address location.

Quiet Hours

At all times students must respect the right of other students to study. Students must not make disturbing noise between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.


It is the responsibility of the students to ensure the cleaning of their rooms and maintain a neat environment in the accommodations up to the University’s standards.

Room Inspections

At any time, a university administrator may visit a student’s accommodation. Upon presentation of proper identification by the staff member, the student must allow the University administrator to inspect the accommodation.

Substance Abuse

Recreational drugs, narcotics, and alcohol are not permitted on any University property including in student rooms. Entering Student Accommodations while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not allowed. Smoking is also forbidden on university property and in student accommodation. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action which could result in permanent expulsion from university accommodation and possibly the University. The parents of students under 21 will be informed of any incidents.

Failure to Comply with the Accommodation Policy

Failure to comply with the University Accommodation Policy may result in a written warning, counseling or a disciplinary hearing depending on the severity of the offense. A hearing could result in penalties ranging from a written warning to progressively more severe penalties which could include letters to parents, suspension or expulsion from student accommodation or the University or referral to Police or other authorities, and possible legal sanctions.

Registration for Accommodation

Only Canadian University Dubai students who are registered, full‐time students of the University and have paid or have arranged the payment of tuition and accommodation fees are eligible to reside in the University provided accommodations.

Moving In

Once a room has been assigned students will be given a room key. Students must review and sign a room inventory form.”

For assistance with accommodation-related queries, please write to our Student Services team at