Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis. A vibrant, forward-thinking city with much to offer. As one of the most compelling places in the Middle East, it has become the preferred regional headquarters for expatriates from across the globe, as well as a regional leader in both culture and tourism. Its diverse economic landscape has created space for technological innovation and development, generating an array of employment opportunities in several fields including: finance, aviation, education, and trade.

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) offers students the chance to immerse themselves in this cultural paradise, providing an international academic experience in the heart of Dubai.

At CUD, we understand that your university experience extends beyond our campuses. This is why we work with our students to find suitable accommodation to meet their needs and expectations. Each of our students have different requirements for housing, and our aim is to assist you with finding a comfortable living environment that has all the amenities you need to be successful. For assistance with accommodation-related queries, please write to our Student Services team at