School of Architecture and Interior Design

The School of Architecture and Interior Design strives to provide students with the knowledge and tools to enable them to become change makers within the industry. The studio experience is central to our teaching model and challenges students to translate the classroom experience into practice through innovative design and entrepreneurial ideas.

With the fast-paced evolution of architecture, interior design and sustainability, our students are encouraged to critically analyze situations and develop unique design solutions, while acknowledging the human relationship to land and design, with empathy and responsibility.


Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences brings together a unique set of multidisciplinary programs that offer cutting-edge learning based on contemporary research, creativity and practice. Our curricula provide opportunities for students to study a range of subjects that are highly innovative and structured to deliver an authentic learning experience.

All of our programs and courses are directly linked to current and future innovations, research, and professional practice and designed to impart the knowledge and practical skills to set you apart as the strongest of contenders when entering the competitive employment market.


School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

The School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology offers an outstanding range of dynamic academic programs that are built upon our partnerships with leading Canadian institutions, both in the creation of our curricula and the pursuit of first-class research. Our unique 2 + 2 program with the prestigious Queen’s University, Ontario, allows students to transfer to Canada and graduate with a world-class engineering degree.

We use the latest technologies and labs to ensure that students are trained to ‘hit the ground running’ when they join the workplace. You will experience a learning environment where excellence in instruction, mastery of technology, and outstanding opportunities for work placement and research are top priorities.


School of Management

The School of Management encompasses the largest number of students at CUD, and is one of the biggest schools of its kind in the UAE. With a wide range of programs in business and management, and a population that embraces over 150 nationalities, our goal is to prepare students for the challenges they will face in this ever-changing globalized business environment.

The curriculum, teaching methods and support services are contemporary, dynamic and designed to deliver a personalized, future-facing learning experience. The Faculty collaborates with several globally renowned education and corporate institutions to provide exciting opportunities for students to progress and grow both academically and professionally.