Canadian University Dubai (CUD) recognizes the important role that companies play in shaping students' education, by enabling them to put into practice skills and concepts learned in the classroom. At CUD, all undergraduate students complete a minimum of 150 hours internship work during their third or fourth year of study.

For companies, hiring a student intern is a flexible, cost-effective way to add real value to their business, while supporting the professional development of tomorrow's workforce. As a CUD internship partner, you will have access to a talented, ambitious workforce who can help to increase your business productivity, drive innovation, and ultimately become employees of the future.

With a wide range of undergraduate programs, CUD works in collaboration with its internship partners to place students in the following disciplines:

  • Business: Finance/ Marketing/ HRM/ International Business/ e-Business
  • Communications: Advertisement / PR / Journalism
  • Architecture/ Interior Design
  • Environmental Health Management/ Health Organization Management
  • Telecommunication Engineering/ Network Engineering.


As a CUD internship partner, you will be able to:

  • Access a young, creative talent pool three times a year (Fall, Spring and Summer)
  • Assess potential new hires
  • Help refine CUD's programs to meet market demand
  • Contribute to your corporate social responsibility agenda by mentoring the next generation
  • Access CUD's Job portal, including full student resumes
  • Receive priority at the CUD career fair and other events.

How it works

Internships at CUD are managed by the Career and Internship Office, through the CUD Student Job Portal. Internship partners are given privileged access to the Job Portal, allowing them to create a company profile, upload internship or job opportunities, and access the full resume database.

The Job Portal is exclusive to CUD students and alumni who post their resumes and apply for internships and jobs directly through the Portal. Internship partners can create an account through the 'Employers Click Here' link at and post opportunities as and when they arise.

For more information and support, please write to

Corporate Testimonials

Here are some examples of how CUD students have contributed to UAE businesses through the internship program.

Sania Ahuja

Thomson Reuters

Sania Ahuja started out on a three-month internship at the Dubai office of Thomson Reuters after making an instant impression when the company visited the CUD career fair.

Ms. Hala Bou Alwan, Head of Risk Market Development for the company's Global Growth and Operations team said, "Sania is an outstanding performer; she keeps surprising me with the talent and creativity she has, and the passion she shows in everything she does. She is very dedicated and implements what she learns with high responsibility and a positive attitude. I would love to have Sania as a permanent member in my team."


Hussein Akberali


Hussein Akberali started out with PAE on an internship as part of his BBA in e-Business program at CUD.

Mr. David Klassen, Senior Subcontracts Administrator at PAE's offices in Dubai said, "Hussein brought the right attitude to his internship in our office, as he was always flexible and open to learning something new. He also brought great initiative and after time, he was able to take on special projects that he worked on independently, which highlighted some of his skills in software application. Because of this, we saw great potential in Hussein during his internship, and were able to bring him on as a full time employee, where he continues to this day to develop his skills and grow within the company."

Interested in becoming a partner?

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