Student Council

Noura Itani

Noura the relentless is the newly elected President of the Student Council. She is known for her hard-work, relentlessness and eagerness to always do better. She is a Business student in her junior year. She is always happy to meet new students and help them out. You can find her running around on campus or in the student council office.

Amina Naushad
Vice President

Amina the Multitasker serves on the Student council as the Vice President. Amina is an asset to the Council and is best known for her vivacious personality and cheerful disposition. She is athletic and highly competitive. Her life is fulfilled by food, volleyball, anime not forgetting her lame jokes. She is thrilled to be the voice of CUD and cannot wait to enhance and enrich life on campus.

Yvonne Nakivona

Yvonne the unflappable serves as the Treasurer on the Student Council. Yvonne is best described by her loved ones as headstrong, hardworking and increasingly ambitious. She is an avid football fan and loves helping and uplifting those around her. Yvonne brings her unique personality, perseverance and vibrant spirit to the Student Council and cannot wait to spread the positive energy.

Tanmay Walia

Tanmay the Tenacious serves as Secretary on the Student Council. He is an avid reader with a friendly personality. Tanmay is a Bollywood music junkie and loves engaging in meaningful conversations and networking with people from diverse backgrounds. He brings hard work, a strong work ethic and determination to the Student Council team and hopes to spread this amongst his peers and colleagues in CUD.

Nelson Egharevba
Media Officer

Nelson the vivid serves as the Media Officer on the Student Council. He is a creative person, committed team member and a hard worker who hopes to expand the horizon of media in Canadian University Dubai by changing the way the school is viewed from inside out. He comes with a great work ethic and good people skills. Nelson is a sports lover and does not shy away from new challenges or learning something new. Some of you may know him as the Media guy, the guy with the afro but he is just Nelson and he's here to serve you better.

Nida Ali
PR Officer

Nida the Fashionista serves as PR Officer on the Student Council. She admires art and possesses a good sense of fashion. Proactive and vibrant by personality, Nida is the best point of contact for interesting information on campus life and ongoing activities. An internet zealot by nature, her life is incomplete without Snapchat and Instagram! Nida is thrilled to be on the Council and cannot wait to display her social media skills!