About Canada

Located in North America, Canada’s ten provinces and three territories expand from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. Like the UAE, it is a country of great diversity, both in its landscape and its population. Encompassing cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, the immense natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and the peaceful existence of the maritime coast, Canada offers something for every way of life.

With citizens and residents from over 200 ethnic backgrounds, Canada takes great pride in its multicultural heritage. It is a welcoming and hospitable land, which is consistently ranked among the United Nations’ best places to live around the world.

Canada’s abundant natural resources play an important part in its industrial history and development, with many areas of the country still making a living from forestry, fishing, agriculture, mining and energy. Nevertheless, the service sector now accounts for more than 70% of Canadian employment, in industries such as banking, healthcare, education, communication and transport.

The world-renowned Canadian education system includes several elite institutions that consistently achieve a superior international ranking. Higher education in Canada attracts students from across the globe and the Canadian people are among the most educated in the world.