Canadian University Dubai Robotics Competition

ISAMS 2024


Canadian University Dubai (CUD) warmly invites schools to participate in our 2023-2024 Robotics Competitions, a thrilling event designed to showcase students' innovation, technical skills, and teamwork in robotics. We are eager to see the contributions of your school's students and the unique perspectives they bring to the competition.

Participating schools are required to use their own resources, such as Robotics Kits, as CUD will not provide these resources.

2023-2024 Robotics Competitions | Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM | Canadian University Dubai

Competition Categories

  • Sumo Robot Fighting: Teams will create autonomous robots for head-to-head battles in an arena, aiming to push the opponent's robot out while avoiding being pushed out themselves.
    • Construct a sumo robot fitting within an 18 cm x 20 cm square box, with no height limit and weighing no more than 1kg.
    • The robot must have 2 motors for movement.
    • Strict adherence to safety guidelines and arena boundaries is required.
  • Line Following Challenge: This category tests the ability to develop robots that can autonomously follow a marked path, overcoming obstacles and deviations.
    • Design a robot capable of autonomously following a path marked by a contrasting line.
    • Robots should have at most two sensors for line detection and real-time adjustments.
    • Evaluation will be based on accuracy, speed, and adaptability.
  • Robo Race over 5m: Teams will create speedy and agile robots to traverse a 5-meter track in the shortest possible time, focusing on speed and precision.
    • Construct a robot capable of autonomously racing in a straight-line 5-meter path.
    • The robot's drivetrain may have at most 2 motors, with a weight limit of 1kg and size limit of 18cm x 20cm.
    • Design should prioritize speed, agility, and control.

These competitions provide a valuable opportunity for students to apply their STEM knowledge and creativity in a competitive environment.

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Further details on registration, competition rules, and event schedules will be provided upon confirmation.

24-04-2024 10:00 AM — 24-04-2024 13:00 PM