FOM invites Senior VP of TASC and AIQU for a talk on recruitment industry and future projections in the labor market

Continuing with our guest speaker sessions, the Faculty of Management at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) recently welcomed Mohamed Jawad, Senior VP of TASC and AIQU to our City Walk Campus on June 22nd, 2022.

A passionate people person, Mr. Jawad is a recruitment and staffing industry veteran with almost 2 decades of experience across the UK and GCC. He sits on the leadership team of the one of the GCC’s largest technology and professional staffing outsourcing firms, has played a pivotal role in the creation of the AIQU technology staffing brand alongside his team and is responsible for sales strategy and driving revenue growth at TASC, AIQU and previously the Adecco Group.

During his talk on the dynamics of the recruitment industry, students learned about the importance of strategic direction in recruitment, and about what it takes to achieve career growth and advancement in this field.

Echoing his belief in continuous learning, Mr. Jawad said: "Continuous learning is a lifelong strategy you must adopt, if you want to stand out!" He added that “HRM, and specifically recruitment as a function of HRM, is an enormous industry that is constantly growing, and needs specialized professionals who are competent and have a growth mindset!”

These are the two qualities we strive to achieve in our HRM graduates at CUD. Students who major in HRM, whether at the graduate or undergraduate level, acquire advanced knowledge and skills which make them shine in one of the fastest developing disciplines of the twenty-first century. 

Speaking to CUD’s commitment to our students, Dr. Rima M Bizri, Associate Professor, Canadian University Dubai added: “We aim to provide our students with a dynamic learning environment, encouraging guest speakers to visit our campus to share their industry perspectives about current and future developments in the field of HRM.”

These unique learning opportunities at CUD provide our students with important industry insights to assist them in gaining a head-start in the UAE’s growing knowledge economy upon graduation. 

22-06-2022 09:00 AM