International Conference on Recent Developments in Mathematics (ICRDM 2022)

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International Conference on Recent Developments in Mathematics (ICRDM 2022)


"ICRDM 2022 was a huge success. It proved that CUD, and the UAE as a whole, are capable of fostering large scale international collaborations in fundamental sciences. Mathematics is the foundation of science and engineering therefore the value of mathematics research cannot be underestimated" - Dr. Firuz Kamalov


Canadian University Dubai in collaboration with UAE University and Springer hosted International Conference on Recent Developments in Mathematics (ICRDM 2022) between Aug 24-26, 2022. The aim of the conference was to bring together leading international experts to discuss the latest trends and advances in mathematics. The conference covered a broad range of domains in mathematics and related fields including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education. 

The conference was a tremendous success. It included over 300 presentations by participants from 30 different countries, making it one of the largest mathematics conferences in the world. ICRDM 2022 featured 24 keynote and invited talks from distinguished researchers from USA, China, Norway, Russia, Romania, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, South Africa, South Korea, India, Turkey, Jamaica and Malaysia.

The conference proceedings will be submitted for publication in two volumes of Trends in Mathematics published by Springer and indexed in Scopus. The success of ICRDM 2022 highlights the position of CUD as one of the leading institutions in fundamental research. It further shows the contribution of the UAE to the promotion of research on an international level.

Further information about ICRDM 2022 can be found on the conference website

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