Welcome to the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

Our Faculty brings together a unique set of multidisciplinary programs that offer cutting-edge learning based on contemporary research, creativity and practice.

Across each of our Departments – Communication and Media, Environmental Health Sciences and Social Sciences – we provide a range of academic programs that will impart the knowledge and practical skills to set you apart as the strongest of contenders when entering the competitive employment market.

Our curricula bring together opportunities to study a range of creative topics that are highly innovative and designed to provide you with an authentic learning experience. All our programs and courses are directly linked to current and future innovations, research, and professional practice and are delivered by talented academics from Europe, North America and around the globe.

Today’s market place is driven by the success of products and services that are the result of collaboration between diverse disciplines drawn from the arts, science and business. The Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences is unique in bringing together students, academics and practitioners from these diverse areas of study, in the pursuit of professional excellence.

Our outcomes-based teaching and learning (OBTL) method is combined with a new ‘invention enriched’ approach to curriculum development and delivery. This Invention Focused Curriculum (IFC) means that every student in our Faculty is encouraged to invent, develop and apply the new knowledge that they have discovered as part of their program and during their time at CUD.

The Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences has partnered with a range of global education and corporate institutions to provide exciting opportunities for our students and graduates. We offer a spectrum of multidisciplinary program and course choices, complemented by an innovative curriculum utilizing ultra-modern learning technology, all designed to encourage and enable our students to excel.