Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

The world of communications is fascinating, fast-paced, and ever-changing. A college graduate with strong oral, written, and visual communication skills will enter the job market ready to shine in many roles, industries and work settings.

It is generally known that one of the skills business leaders value most is communication, both oral and written whether in Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism or in the Social, Healthcare or Environmental sciences.

The Department of Communication offers a range of majors, encompassing a curriculum that focuses on modern theory, communication skills and issues relevant in a multi-cultural environment.

Our courses bring together critical theory and real-world practice through the exploration of a variety of topics, including health campaigns, sports communication, humor and media, intercultural communication, radio production, newspapers and new media production.

Students in F.C.A.S. will gain an interdisciplinary perspective and a clear understanding that the communications skills they develop through learning will enhance their employment prospects; setting them apart as the strongest of contenders when entering the competitive employment market after graduation.

Message from the Dean

A very warm welcome to the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences. Our Faculty members aim to bring you cutting-edge learning which is based on state of the art research and creativity. We provide a range of opportunities to develop your knowledge and career in this diverse and increasingly dynamic multi-disciplinary environment. Our curriculum brings together the opportunity to study a range of creative topics that are innovative and designed to provide you with an authentic learning experience which is directly linked to current and future innovations, research and practice. All programs and courses are delivered by creative faculty and talented academics from Europe, North America and around the globe.

Today’s market place is driven by the success of products and services that are the result of collaboration between a range of diverse disciplines drawn from the arts, science and business. The Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences is unique in bringing together students, academics and practitioners from these diverse areas of study in the pursuit of excellence. The outcomes-based teaching and learning (OBTL) methods coupled with a new ‘invention enriched’ approach to curriculum development and delivery (the Invention Focused Curriculum or IFC) means that every student in our faculty is encouraged to invent, develop and apply new knowledge which they have discovered as part of their programme during their time at CUD.

The Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences has partnered with a range of global education and corporate institutions to provide exciting opportunities for our students. The Faculty offers a spectrum of multi-disciplinary programme and course choices, designed to enable and encourage our students to excel, complemented by an innovative curriculum utilizing ultra-modern learning technology.