Student Accommodation Fees - Fall & Spring Semesters

Discovery Gardens (Including Internet) AED
1 Student Studio 33,630.00
2 Students Studio 17,320.00
1 Student One Bedroom 41,565.00
2 Students One Bedroom 21,650.00
4 Students One Bedroom 11,545.00

Student Accommodation Fees - Summer Semester

Discovery Gardens (Including Internet) AED
1 Student Studio 16,815.00
2 Students Studio 8,660.00
1 Student One Bedroom 20,783.00
2 Students One Bedroom 10,825.00
4 Students One Bedroom 5,773.00
  • Canadian University Dubai reserves the right to revise its prices according to current market rates
  • Prices effective 1 January 2018


As the real estate market fluctuates, the university does not rule out the possibility of an increase or decrease in the accommodation fees/rate. The information on the increase or decrease will be given in advance to students via the university website, letter, email, etc.