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Student activities on campus

Our active campus life has consistently been a draw for new students. From performing arts, sports, technology, culture or community engagement, we have something for every student at Canadian University Dubai. Here’s a snapshot of student activities at CUD:

Performance and Cultural Events

With 127 nationalities represented at Canadian University Dubai, there are a wide range of cultural events held throughout the year. These events celebrate the diverse heritage of out student population through food, fashion, art, music and dance performances from countries all over the world. At all of these events, it is the students that play the main role in representing their own cultures. Such events include Global Day, Entertainment Nights, and UAE and other county's national day celebrations.

Community Involvement

Canadian University Dubai cultivates a strong working relationship with the surrounding community in Dubai, and one way in which students can give back to this community is by participating in fundraising activities. The Student Affairs department is responsible for planning numerous events, all of which have been extremely successful in raising awareness for current issues in the community and around the world. Past events include 5 Days for the Homeless, the Terry Fox Run, Movember, Autism Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Clubs & Activities

We encourage students to participate in one of the many existing student clubs, as well as providing support in forming new clubs linked to other areas of interest. Some of the current clubs include:

Dance Club
Dancers from different disciplines and backgrounds exchange the culture of their craft, and create never seen before fusions on stage.

Drama Club
The Drama Club brings together talented students, be they writers, actors, directors, make-up artists, or designers. The Club holds its own workshops, teaching students how to act, and is working towards the creation of its own full length CUD Theatre show.

Model United Nations
The Model United Nations (MUN) is an association where students step into the world of a United Nations delegate to debate solutions to some of the world's most pressing global challenges. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about international issues, diplomacy and inter-government relations and develop skills in critical thinking, research and debate.

Music Club
The Music Club provides a meeting ground for vocalists, percussionists, practitioners of stringed instruments, and more, to come together and to understand other forms of music, and to collaborate with each other. The club also invites writers and poets to come and develop songs that can be written and performed on stage.

Robotics Club
The CUD Robotics Club brings together students from across the University to work together in the creation of working robots, providing fun way to develop new skills and to explore the future of technology, while meeting other students from around the University.