It is with immense sadness that we must share with you news of the recent death of Dr. Raymond P. Hebert, University Board member and personal friend to many at Canadian University Dubai (CUD).

As a Trustee Raymond helped in shaping CUD Governance. He was also an active scholar who fostered CUD Academic and Research fields in his role of Board Academic Committee Member.

Raymond dedicated a life-long career to special needs education with a focus and passion for speech and language therapy. His impressive contributions to his field include research on cognitive process and early language development and a tenured professorial career at Quebec’s most prominent higher education intuitions.

Those who had the opportunity to meet Raymond were inspired by his motivation to help others reach their highest potential. With his passing goes a source of great inspiration, guidance and support, and a profound and irreplaceable friendship.

Please join me in sparing a thought for Raymond’s family and loved ones and celebrating your own memories of this extraordinary man.