Since its inception in 2019, CUD Reads fosters a sense of community alongside promoting literature and an interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts. The initiative solicits reading suggestions at the end of the spring semester from which to select for the following academic year. The particular choice of literary work is rotated in a three-academic-year cycle around authors representing three regions: global, regional, and Canada.

In 2019/20: Global: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
In 2020/21: Regional: Granada A Novel, by Radwa Ashour
In 2021/22: Canada: ? (please suggest a Canadian author and literary work).

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Granada - CUD Reads choice for 2020-2021

CUD READS choice for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Granada: a novel by Radwa Ashour (Author), William Granara (Translator)

"Radwa Ashour skillfully weaves a history of Granadan rule and an Arabic world into a novel that evokes cultural loss and the disappearance of a vanquished population. The novel follows the family of Abu Jaafar, the bookbinder--his wife, widowed daughter-in-law, her two children, and his two apprentices--as they witness Christopher Columbus and his entourage in a triumphant parade featuring exotic plants and animals, and human captives from the New World. Embedded in the narrative is the preparation for the marriage of Saad, one of the apprentices, and Saleema, Abu Jaafar's granddaughter--a scenario that is elegantly revealed in a number of parallel scenes. As the new rulers of Granada confiscate books, and officials burn the collected volumes, Abu Jaafur quietly moves his rich library out of town. Persecuted Muslims fight to form an independent government, but increasing economic and cultural pressures on the Arabs of Spain and Christian rulers culminate in Christian conversions and Muslim uprisings." Book jacket.

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