Dar Al Bahr for the Children of the Commemorated


Blooming Pride of the Nation!

Student: Houda Alsamman
Project Type: Centre for the Children of the Commemorated

Ten years ago, me, my brother, and my dad had an unforgettable Eid celebration at an orphanage in Damascus. We setup a chocolate fountain for the kids as part of Eid fanfare. The happiness and amazement of the kids who saw the chocolate fountain for the first time was a heartwarming experience that is the inspiration for my graduation project which also incorporates a ‘Chocolate Factory’ within the project. The concept is inspired from the selected site (Al Bahr Towers) exterior façade design which is the Mashrabiya hexagonal design that is abstracted from the natural form of the honeycomb. The initial concept is based on how bees work all together to form the strong and well-structured honeycomb. The resilience and strength of the honey comb and the bees are reimagined and translated into my design on how the children of UAE Martyrs will be surrounded by their trainers and volunteers to explore the different interesting activities within the center. UAE soldiers were blessed with the honor of bravery and many national projects have been initiated by the UAE to respect their fallen heroes, to pay deep appreciation for their sacrifices, and to provide their families with all their support and consolation. However, since there is no such center founded yet in the UAE and in my opinion, it is important to have this concept to support the children and make them happy and proud of themselves.