Rise Up Community

Blend your digital life with physical life through the youth community hub!

Student: Rahaf Deeb
Project Type: Community Development Centre for Youth

Rise Up Community is a ‘hope’ community development and innovation centre for the youth of the United Arab Emirates to embrace their creativity enabling them to exploit their full potential, within a modern and innovative environment that encourages the creation of leading youth communities. The main goal of the project is to create a gateway of hope in the changing world for a society to help young people achieve their goals in work, education, empowering them through the way of working life, and realizing their capabilities. The design concept for Rise Up is based on three main elements, which are the abstraction of the lines of a bird's wing to express hope; the lines of light to enlighten minds; and combine light with transparency to give a sense of technology. Using a further atmospheric conceptual element through materiality and innovation, the use and adaption of light and reflective surfaces along with the play of shadow and space provides the building users with the experience of feeling and emotion. Further, by providing spaces that help in communication and creating opportunities, Rise Up helps create solutions towards the needs and problems that the current generation of youth face, empowering and enabling them to play a key role in society.