Sewing Lines

Co-working Space for Fashion Designers

Student: Noor Alkhafaji
Project Type: Co-working Centre for Fashion Designers

Sewing Lines is a co-working space purpose built to empower fashion designers by providing them a permanent place to create their masterpieces and learn from each other’s experiences. The concept for the project of co-working spaces redefines and reimagines the changing modes of work in the current changing world. The environment acts as an opportunity to create experiences for the users by way of work, interaction as well as to display the outcome of their efforts. The design consists of multifunctional spaces utilizing multi-use fully equipped facilities for the designers to start their journey as they will be having different opportunities to get inspired and interact with each other. Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, the design concept is based on a minimalist approach and uses a monochromatic black and white color theme. The atmosphere of the co-working space is simple and plain yet perfect for fashion designers to create unique masterpieces in a motivational, inspiring, and comfortable environment.