Tales Library

Stories Untold

Student: Amina Asfah
Project Type: Public Library

Merging the richness of neuroscience and the art of crafting buildings, Tales Library aims to produce a community through its design. With the endless selection of resources and services available, the library is open to one and all, regardless of their content curation catering to the changing world we currently live in. The overall concept revolves around reimagining the initial idea of an embryo protected in its shell, likewise, the users are secured within the library premises. This design takes advantage of the soft colour palette, that exists throughout, to amplify tranquillity and achieve a visual balance. While feeling protected, it also provokes users to come out of their bubble to interact with others and the environment. This design provides an open space plan with small pods and reading niches to cater to specific functions. The pod creates places of experience that tweak and thrill the senses of the user through the activities, they do in them. The idea of a portable library on the streets also helps the design to expand and grow. Overall, Tales Library deems to be a heaven on earth experience for avid readers.