Math for Academic Purposes

All students, with the exception of those pursuing Bachelor of Communications programs, are required to complete the Math Skills Test before taking credit math courses. Students who pass the test can proceed directly to credit courses. Those who are unsuccessful will be required to take either MTH 011, College Algebra, if registering for Business or Health courses, or MTH 012, Pre- Calculus, for those registering for Architecture, Interior design or Engineering courses.

For students scoring low on the Math Skills Test, there is a Foundation Math Course, MTH 010. Students who take this course and pass will then be eligible to move forward to College Algebra or Pre-Calculus. Extra tutorials are available for those students who feel they require extra help.

Students can register for the Test at the Registration Department.

Program Overview and Learning Outcome

During the Math courses students work from a prescribed textbook using the exercises to develop their mathematical skills. The course tutor supervises the learning and paces it to the level of the individual student, supplementing the learning with weekly tutorials. Assessment is be through regular homework, quizzes, a mid-term test and a final examination.

MTH 012 Pre-Calculus

This course covers the necessary background in algebra and trigonometry for Engineering and Architecture students to prepare for the standard university calculus sequence, and to understand the graphing and function analysis required for calculus. It is intended for those students who have not achieved the required level in the Mathematics Skills Test; they will have taken the college preparatory courses in high school but are not quite prepared to do the type of analysis required to successfully complete a university calculus sequence. Students failing the Engineering/Architecture Mathematics Skills Test are required to pass this course. No credits can be earned.