Canadian University Dubai hosts prestigious L’Oréal Assessment Center

July 7th, 2019: Canadian University Dubai has played host to an exciting and productive L’Oréal Assessment Center, staged to select candidates for the company’s prestigious Summer Graduate Program taking place this August.

Held on campus on July 4th, the event brought together over 40 invited candidates to take part in a diverse range of activities that assessed the skills and competencies of applicants vying for the exclusive internship opportunity, which is organized every six months. Ten positions were on offer, ranging from finance and supply-chain, to marketing and sales, and at least 3 candidates per position were shortlisted.

Explaining the activities further, Haneen Al Meadat, Head of the Graduate Program and Campus Activities at L’Oréal, and lead organizer of the event said, “We presented to them a case study prior to the event, in order to test their analytical skills and how they would process original and creative ideas, and present them to the managers (at L’Oréal). We also held Excel Tests, because anyone joining L’Oréal should possess basic excel and math analytical skills. The group activities were also important, because they tested their team-building skills, and their ability to work under pressure.”

Canadian University Dubai alumna, Sara Tahboub, who graduated from this year’s Class of Tolerance, was one of the candidates invited to participate in the L’Oréal Assessment Center.

Speaking about her experience, Sara explained, “The assessment was really fun, and the activities were both engaging and productive. They assessed the skills we had, and the skills we needed to work on. In one of the activities we had to use Lego blocks to build any product and present it in just 2 minutes. This tested our sales skills, and how quickly we could create and sell something.”

“Graduating from CUD with an Advertising degree, there were so many options open for me, and during the interviews, the managers were really helpful in briefing us all on the different divisions, and their different specializations, which has helped me focus on my future career aspirations”, Sara concluded.