CUD Interior Design Grad Show 2021

Professor: Dr. Mini Suresh

This year, Canadian University Dubai’s 2021 graduate class of the Department of Interior Design worked with specific focus on the changing world. The group was challenged to complete their project work remotely due to the pandemic situation. They were a resilient group, trying to make sense of the world around them and the situation they were in without losing their positive attitude and passion for design. The result was an array of fascinating projects reimagining design in the current changing world within the context of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The main focus of the graduation projects was on socio-cultural, ethical, health, and sustainable aspects using a human-centric approach which emerged from evidence-based design research. The projects ranged from spaces where we work, live, play, study, and care for our health exploring user experiences, activities, materiality, and technology creating spatial design based on innovative applications.

  • Tales Library

    Tales Library

    Stories Untold

    Student: Amina Asfah
    Project Type: Public Library

  • Rise Up Community

    Rise Up Community

    Blend your digital life with physical life through the youth community hub!

    Student: Rahaf Deeb
    Project Type: Community Development Centre for Youth

  • Dar Al Bahr for the Children of the Commemorated

    Dar Al Bahr for the Children of the Commemorated

    Blooming Pride of the Nation!

    Student: Houda Alsamman
    Project Type: Centre for the Children of the Commemorated

  • Sewing Lines

    Sewing Lines

    Co-working Space for Fashion Designers

    Student: Noor Alkhafaji
    Project Type: Co-working Centre for Fashion Designers

  • Bloom


    Commit. Grow. Flourish

    Student: Rasha Ahmed
    Project Type: Mental Health Centre for Youth

  • Comme La Brise

    Comme La Brise

    Student: Ahmad ElSadik Makhlouf
    Project Type: Cinematic Educational Centre

  • RICDB (Rising Centre for Deaf and Blind)

    RICDB (Rising Centre for Deaf and Blind)

    Together we build up knowledge

    Student: Anny Ahmad
    Project Type: Centre for Deaf and Blind

  • Interstellar Research & Exhibition Centre

    Interstellar Research & Exhibition Centre

    Connecting the wonders of space with the power of place

    Student: Haya Omar Ayoub
    Project Type: Space Centre for Research and Exhibition