Embracing Diversity | A Look into the CUD Community's International Cultural Day Celebration

Dubai, March 9th, 2023: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) International Cultural Day festival showcased the diversity of its community. The event, organized by CUD's Student Council, brought together students from 16 countries to exhibit their unique cultures, traditions, and customs. The festival was graced by the presence of Mr. Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, CUD's Chancellor, who visited the event and joined in the celebration of cultural diversity on campus.

International Cultural Day at CUD provided an opportunity for students and the wider community to unite to celebrate dynamic cultural backgrounds by showcasing their cultures, traditions, and customs.  Students were able to share their unique perspectives and foster a greater understanding and appreciation for one another’s countries. 

Several students also set up interactive tents on the campus showcasing items representing each of the individual cultures and traditional cuisines.  The tents also showcased traditional clothing, artifacts, and food from countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, the Americas, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine/Jordan, the Philippines, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, UAE, and many others.  All teams made exceptional efforts, notably recognized for their live performance were students representing India and for their tent design Palestine/Jordan.

A notable aspect of the occasion was the featuring of attires, comprising traditional garments from different countries, providing glimpses into the wide range of clothing styles across the globe.

One of the highlights of the event was the ten live performances by students from Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Lebanon/Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine/Jordan, the Philippines, Sudan, Turkey, and which included drum performances representing India and Pakistan, and distinct music representations of each culture. The vibrant and lively night showcased traditional and cultural dances from CUD’s Music Society and CUD’s Dance Society, delectable cuisine, beautiful fashion, and games. 

The event highlighted the university's commitment to diversity and inclusivity, demonstrating the role that higher education can play in promoting intercultural understanding.  It also showed how cultural exchanges can enrich the educational experience.  We are all part of one world, and celebrating diversity is essential for creating a more tolerant and harmonious society.