FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar: Global, Regional, and Local Perspectives

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) organized a critical impact analysis conference about the 'International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) 2022 World Cup in Qatar: Global, Regional, and Local Perspectives' on November 23rd, 2022.  

The conference raised awareness about the regional impacts of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar – and analyzed the national and regional scopes of prospective legacies. “It the first time that the FIFA World Cup tournament is organized during the Winter period, in Qatar – a country which is geographically smaller, when compared to previous FIFA host countries.  To solve issues such as the ample provision of accommodation and transportation provided to FIFA supporters, the United Arab Emirates functioned as an efficient satellite hub.  Opportunities across borders became significant and Dubai provided necessary logistical solutions during the FIFA World Cup 2022.  Specialists and students explored and discussed the leverage and legacies from the mega-event of FIFA 2022 and the impact hereof, in the Middle Eastern region.”  Dr. Leonardo Mataruna, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, specialist in Legacies of Sport Mega-Event

The conference was well attended by CUD students and hosted guest speaker experts from within the sporting industry, including:  Mr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, a member of UAE National Olympic Committee; Dr. Luis Henrique Rolim, Consultant and Curator for the galleries ‘Qatar Host Nation’ and ‘Qatar Sports Culture’; Mr. Pedro Correa, a Football Commentator and a Management Consultant; Dr. Kamilla Swart, an Associate Professor at College of Science and Engineering, HBKU (joined via conference from Qatar).  CUD students presented: ‘A Sustainable Application of Technology during FIFA World Cup 2022’ geared to showcase strategies to enrich the eco-conscious experiences of tourists during FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Multi-disciplinary teams participated from several of CUD’s faculties:  business, communication, social sciences and environmental health sciences – providing a network together with prominent industry figures.  Several seminars and workshops explored the dimensions of technical and organizational planning and execution of FIFA World Cup 2022.  

“The FIFA World Cup 2022 is a great sporting event engraved with cultural, economic and political importance.  Here, at CUD, we highlighted the impacts of this exceptional mega-event to the level of academic discussions.  This year’s FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is a historic achievement for the Middle East. People of this region will recall and narrate moments of these games for years to come.”  Dr. Samar Noaman, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management