Bachelor of Science in Software Design Degree Program
4 Years (8 Semesters)
125 Credit Hours
Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

Program overview

What is the Bachelor of Science in Software Design?

The Software Design program offers Canadian University Dubai students a specialist degree in the art and science of computer software design, architecture, analysis and evolution. Graduates of the Software Design program will be well versed in a range of programming languages, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, real-time software design, databases, compilers, software requirements analysis, formal methods in software engineering, and techniques for human-computer interaction.

Why Should I Take It?

The Software Design program is for those destined to carry the capabilities of computer systems beyond the current limits and into the future, they are the software architects, designers and entrepreneurs that will drive the software revolution forward at an ever-increasing speed.

Experts in software design are needed in several emerging fields such as the development and maintenance of Mobile Apps, the development of successful Smart City applications, like those being used as part of the Dubai Smart City Initiative, as well as Health Telematics, which includes healthcare monitoring and remote care provisioning, and the multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

How Can I Use It?

Graduates of this program will have a wealth of industries to choose from and often go on to become:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Computer Programmers
  • Software Developers of Mobile Applications
  • Software Developers of Systems Software
  • Web Developers
Requirements Compulsory
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
University Requirement (UR) 21 6 27
Program Core (CR) 61 - 61
Program Major (MJ) 31 6 37
Total 113 12 125

University Requirements

University Requirements are 27 credits out of which 21 credits Compulsory Courses. Every student is required to take the mandatory credit hours that cover Islamic culture, English communication skills, and Innovation. These requirements are:

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1) Languages, Islamic Culture, UAE studies, Arabic and Innovation (21 Cr.H.)
LNG 181 English I for Engineering Computing None 3
LNG 182 English II for Engineering Computing LNG-181 3
GED 198 Islamic Culture None 3
GED 196 Communication Skills in Arabic 1 None 3
GED 199E UAE Society None 3
ENT 141 Fundamentals in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1 None 2
ENT 142 Fundamentals in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2 ENT-141 1
ENT 241 Entrepreneurship I ENT-142 2
ENT 242 Entrepreneurship II ENT-241 1
2) Humanities: Students should selecttwocourses from the following pool:(6 credits)
GED 110E Modern Art Appreciation None 3
GED 111 Music Appreciation and Communication None 3
GED 112 Using Positive Psychology at Work LNG-172 or LNG-182 3
GED 252E Critical Thinking LNG-172 or LNG-182 3
GED 205E Psychology in Every Day Life LNG-172 or LNG-182 3
GED 272E Fundamentals of Public Speaking LNG-172 or LNG-182 3
GED 324E Ethical Reasoning for Today’s World LNG 172 or LNG 182 3

Core Requirements (61 Cr.H.)

All students who are enrolled in the B.Sc. in Software Design program, independently of their major, must complete the following 61 credit hours (20 courses)


# Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 BCS 101 Elements of Computing None 3
2 BCS 102 Introduction to Computing Science I BCS-101 3
3 MTH 112 Calculus I Pass Math Placement test or MTH-012 3
4 MTH 113 Calculus II MTH-112 3
5 MTH 114 Linear Algebra MTH-112 3
6 MTH 130 Probability and Statistics MTH-112 3
7 MTH 120 Discrete Mathematics None 3
8 MTH 203 Discrete Mathematics for Computing Science MTH-120, BCS-102 3
9 BCS 201 Logic for Computing Science MTH-120 3
10 BCS 202 Introduction to Computing Science II BCS-102 3
11 BCS 203 Software Specifications BCS-202, BCS-201 3
12 BCS 204 System-Level Programming BCS-102 3
13 BCS 205 Programming Paradigms BCS-202, BCS-201 3
14 ENG 210 Computer Architecture BCS-202 or ENG 101 4
15 BCS 206 Information Structures BCS-202, MTH-203 3
16 BCS 302 Scientific Computing BCS-102, MTH-114 3
17 BCS 305 Software Architecture BCS-203, BCS-206 3
18 BCS 306 Database Management Systems BCS-202, BCS-201 3
19 BCS 309 Algorithms I BCS-201, BCS-206 3
20 BCS 401 Ethics for Computing Professionals None 3
Total 61

B.Sc. in Software Design Major Requirements (37 credit hours)

The 36 credit hours are covered by the completion of 9 compulsory courses totalizing 31 credit hours and 2 elective courses (6 credits hours) to be selected from 6 elective courses. The list of the courses is given below:

Compulsory Courses (31 credit hours)

Each student enrolled in the B.Sc. in Software Design is required to successfully complete the following:

List of the 9 Compulsory Courses (31 Cr.H.)

# Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 BSD 310 Game Design BCS-202, BCS-206 3
2 BCS 301 Operating Systems ENG-210, BCS -206 4
4 BSD 311 Human Computer Interaction BCS-206 3
3 BSD 312 Software Quality BCS-204 3
7 BSD 313 Advanced User Interface Design BSD-311 3
5 BSD 402 Formal Methods BCS-305 3
6 BSD 403 Software Requirements BCS-305 3
8 BSD 404 Algorithms II BCS -203, BCS -309 3
9 BSD 410 Software Design Project Completed 90 Cr.H 6
Total 31

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)

Each student is required to successfully complete two of the following courses

# Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
1 BCS 304 Data Mining MTH-114, MTH-130, MTH-203, BCS -202 3
2 BCS 403 Advanced Database Systems BCS-206, BCS-306 3
3 BCS 400 Network Operating Systems BCS-301 3
4 BCS 402 Computability and Complexity BCS-203, BCS -309 3
5 BCS 406 Computer Graphics BCS-206, MTH-114 3
Total 6