Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering provides students with world-leading Canadian engineering education in Dubai, in collaboration with its partner institutions in Canada. At CUD you have the chance to study in top-class laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, mirroring the best engineering schools in North America. Students are taught by leading experts who bring extensive research and teaching experience in the field.

As a CUD student at senior level, you will have the unique opportunity to get involved in industry-relevant research, alongside members of faculty and the University's Office of Research Services. You can also elect to transfer to Canada and follow our engineering students who have successfully continued their studies at top Canadian institutions, such as the University of Toronto, Concordia University, and the Queen’s University.

Department Highlights

CUD’s Students Win 1st Place | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers UAE Student Day 2022

Canadian University Dubai team wins U-start enterprise competition

CUD’s IEEE Students Become Certified Robotic Judges to Contribute to International Events

CUD’s Mechatronics Ladies Team Takes the Second Consecutive Victory at the IEEE Competition

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