Welcome to the School of Management

The School of Management embraces the largest number of students in CUD, and it’s also one of the largest schools in the UAE with both undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management, and a population which encompasses over 150 nationalities from around the world. In common with the overall approach at Canadian University Dubai, the School of Management brings you North American education and learning practices, delivered by distinguished faculty members from across the globe. Each of our programs is aimed at preparing students for the challenges they will face in this ever-changing globalized business market.

The curriculum, teaching methods and support services are contemporary, dynamic and designed to deliver a personalized learning experience that is directly linked to future-facing research and practice. The Faculty is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence through the use of outcomes-based teaching and learning (OBTL) that leverages a new ‘invention enriched’ approach to curriculum development and delivery, the Invention Focused Curriculum (IFC). This approach means that every student in our Faculty is encouraged to invent, develop and apply the new knowledge they have gained as part of their studies at CUD.

The Faculty collaborates with several globally renowned education and corporate institutions to provide exciting opportunities for students to progress and grow academically and professionally. Our broad spectrum of programs and course offerings enables students to specialize in their field of choice, complemented by a supportive academic environment and a state-of-the-art new campus building.

In the School of Management, our experienced faculty advisors will help you define your future career direction, guide you through your academic journey, and will always be highly supportive of your personal, academic and professional ambitions.