CUD’s IEEE Students Become Certified Robotic Judges to Contribute to International Events

January 22nd, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  The Institute, Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch from the Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (FEAST) at the Canadian University Dubai (CUD), became certified judges for the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation.  Several IEEE students acquired the certifications through an exam from REC Foundation, which further enhances the students’ personal and technical skills and portfolios.  

The IEEE Student Branch was certified to organize, referee, judge and present the VEX Robotics competition – VRC 2022-2023: Spin Up Qualifying Event and VIQC 2022-2023: Slapshot Qualifying Event. 

President of the IEEE Student Branch and student from the Faculty of Engineering, CUD, Danica Chloe Reyes, said: “The event comprised of extraordinary students coming together to design robots to skillfully perform tasks, which were evaluated by us as the competition judges. The performance of the robots was scored on criteria of speed, practicality, reliability and accuracy. It was a fantastic opportunity for our IEEE team to receive certification to evaluate such a distinguished competition.”

The VEX Robotics competition, located at The British University in Dubai, was very well attended by students from many institutions and universities from across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  On February 25th and 26th, 2023, CUD, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education – United Arab Emirates, will welcome the competitors to CUD’s campus for the UAE’s final international VEX Robotics competition – VRC 2022-2023: Spin Up and VIQC 2022-2023: Slapshot. The IEEE Student Branch will acquire additional experience in the organizing, officiating, and evaluating the VEX Robotics competition.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Gindy, from CUD’s Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology said: “The IEEE Student Branch is the right space to get started in the knowledge and excellence of the advancement of technology and engineering. The IEEE’s purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to be actively involved in technological activities and events and to be a part of a professional student branch.”

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