Canadian University Dubai Students Present at GITEX | DWTC | 10-14 October 2022


Canadian University Dubai (CUD) are proud of esteemed Computer Science students Mr. Zahab Khan, Mr Prateek Mishra, Mr. Denver Dias who showcased their metamorphic project at the ‘Future Disruptors Zone’ at GITEX, Dubai World Trade Centre during October 2022. 

“This initiative has helped us to discover our strengths and provide solutions to preserve our environment.”  Denver Dias, Computer Science Student, CUD.  

GITEX 2022, UAE’s annual technology event unveils paramount digital initiatives and projects in the world of technology.  Numerous international businesses, from over 170+ countries unify at GITEX – to display several creative and imaginative digital and technological solutions, including metaverse ecosystems and solutions, robotics, future mobility, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, 6G, smart cities, computing, and the data economy.  GITEX connects leaders and revolutionary pioneers in the world of technology. 

In June 2022, CUD and Software AG collaborated with students from CUD, together with 10 other universities in UAE, to enrol students in a competition called ‘Future Disruptors’. The competition required students to form a small group and to present three innovative projects – with each pioneering project concentrating on an aspect of the ‘United Nation’s Global Sustainability Development Goals’. 

“A mass of food waste within the UAE calculates to an astounding net worth over $6 billion each year! Our generation has been gifted with substantial advancements in technology which can be applied to pursue sustainability.”  Prateek Mishra, Computer Science Student, CUD. 

Mr. Khan, Mr. Mishra, Mr. Dias’s project: ‘Resolving Food Waste While Rewarding You’ – ‘how to reutilize food waste to produce biogases’ was nominated by Software AG to be exhibited and presented at GITEX by CUD’s students. The hypothesis of the project is that food waste is generated and populated from all corners of the earth and the invention of a Digi-Bin would improve sustainability – through minimizing the negative effects of food waste, using the IoT (Internet of Things). 

“It is rewarding to find a solution to improve the negative impacts food waste has on our environment.” Zahab Khan, Computer Science Student, CUD. 

The Digi-Bin is a unique bin designed to collect an abundance of food waste – intricately connected to Software AG dashboard tools through Smart feature functioning. The smart app records the weight of the food deposited into the Digi-Bin, by simply tapping the device onto the bin’s NFC Tag.   It is fitted with multiple sensors, which work alongside the IoT to connect to the internet and user app.  The Software AG dashboard tool concisely calculates and instantly displays the food waste data to the user’s mobile app.

Users are rewarded with carbon credits – which can be applied as electricity saving coupons.  The Digi-Bin encourages users to actively contribute towards sustainability; and save on electricity bills whilst doing so.

A filled Digi-Bin is transported to a biogas plant to be converted into biofuel – the process is to transform the food waste into renewable electricity which is redirected to the PowerGrid source. The food waste which is not suitable for this process is segregated to produce fertilizers – directed back to feeding the lands of Mother Earth.  

“Valuable insights were received from key business players at GITEX. This has enabled us to develop our project further.” Denver Dias, Computer Science Student, CUD. 

GITEX highlights futuristically applicable technologies and projects, accentuating innovative technology inventions and solutions – which in this case is redirected to promote sustainability. The exhibit fuels the evolution of the digital world – assembling extraordinary and significant global technological players under one roof.

“We thank CUD, Software AG, and GITEX for facilitating the pathways for us to showcase our sustainability-driven project to the world. This global platform has connected us to potential business collaborations, bringing Digi-Bin to life.”  Zahab Khan, Computer Science Student, CUD.

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