ASCC Attends Successful Interior Design Competition at CUD

April 23rd, 2018: Students from the American School of Creative Science took part in an exciting interior design competition where participants had to design a unique piece of furniture using only recycled cardboard.

Students received a brief of the project and then broke into teams to prepare their designs. The designs were judged by faculty and staff from CUD’s Department of Interior Design and the winning teams were announced – there was a tie for first place.

After the event and snacks, there were three presentations: “Pursuing a PhD” by Ms. Sophie Johnson, “High-end Interior Design” by Melanie Martin of Azizi Investments, and “The Importance of Furniture Design” by Steelase.

Speaking after the event, Ms. Chloe Bennett, Head of the Department of Interior Design, said that the event was a great way to promote passion for the profession and teamwork among students.

“Interior design is of huge significance to our day-to-day experiences. It has the power to affect our moods and memories and is much more than material and color selection. We had a great time today,” Ms. Chloe said.