Canadian University Dubai participates at GITEX |Dubai World Trade Centre | 10-14 October 2022


GITEX 2022, UAE’s annual technology event unveiled paramount digital initiatives and projects in the world of technology.  Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance officially opened and toured the grand event of GITEX on the first day.

Numerous international businesses, from over 170+ countries unified at GITEX – displaying several creative and imaginative digital and technological solutions, including metaverse ecosystems and solutions, robotics, future mobility, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, 6G, smart cities, computing, and the data economy.  

GITEX connects leaders and revolutionary pioneers in the world of technology. The event displays over 4000 exhibitors, screens 8 shows, delivers effective business and technical workshops, conference programs and 1000+ speakers.  The event honours the largest governmental presence of any tech event – embracing innovators, from developing creatives to tech giants. 

Canadian University Dubai’s Prof. Albert S. Fakhoury, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Innovation & Sustainability, engaged and connected into the Podcast journey at GITEX.  The episode was fundamental in highlighting how the world can apply artificial intelligence, creativity, and innovation to steer the future. The new digital frontiers of the artificial intelligence ecosystems are critical to navigate businesses through effective and sustainable strategies for the digitization journey. Dr. Albert provided creative insights of the best approaches to apply to these contexts for and within business, society, and the world.  Artificial intelligence is an integral part of growth and development of the future. 

“What we don’t know, should never stop us.” - Dr. Albert Fakhoury

Prof. Albert was speaking to the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of nybl AI, the podcast was coordinated with the Brand and MarCom Director at nybl AI and CUD’s alumnus, Ms. Hala Nsour. 

As organizations chart their digitization journeys, Dr. Albert emphasises on the critical areas they should be thinking about in terms of an effective and sustainable digital strategy for their business. He explained how organizations and society can at large practically make AI and machine learning an integral part of their future growth and development.

He explained the bionic approach, in blending human and technical capabilities for companies to initiate their digital transformation, while empowering the qualified personnel. How do creativity and innovation come together to make AI more accessible and cost-effective for driving business growth strategy?

Prof. Albert highlighted the benefits to humanity of building out an integrated AI ecosystem in society with a deep and objective academic approach, focusing on the role of academic institutions in embracing change and setting policies for accreditation and certification of their upgraded curricula.

The five days of GITEX were remarkable – showcasing metamorphic and futuristic technologies – transforming powerful platforms of innovative technology inventions and solutions. The exhibit fuels the evolution of the digital world – assembling extraordinary and significant global technological players under one roof. 

On the closing day of GITEX, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, toured GITEX.

The world eagerly anticipates the forthcoming futuristic digital universe of GITEX in 2023 to drive the exchange of technology and knowledge, business empowerment and credible networking opportunities. 

The world of technology in one place.