Canadian University Dubai signs MoU with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada

February 8th, 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In a landmark initiative bridging international academic pathways, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) — a leading Canadian institution situated in the province of British Columbia with 140 diverse programs and 23,000 students, recently made a pivotal visit to Canadian University Dubai (CUD). The core objective of this visit was to finalize an articulation agreement aimed at facilitating a smooth academic transition for CUD students into KPU's renowned Interior Design program.

The agreement introduces a structured transfer program specifically designed for CUD students, allowing them to undertake the initial two years of their study at CUD, followed by the remaining two years at KPU. This arrangement allows students to achieve a bachelor's degree in interior design from KPU. While the agreement primarily focuses on Interior Design, discussions are underway to extend similar opportunities across other disciplines and explore potential exchange programs, highlighting a broader ambition to cultivate educational partnerships that transcend individual academic fields. 

“KPU's recent visit marks a valuable opportunity towards academic partnerships, research collaboration, and academic exchange to enrich CUD students’ experience through diverse perspectives and expertise between UAE and Canada. This partnership fosters innovation, shared resources, and a commitment for CUD and KPU in their pursuit of academic excellence and global education standards,” said Dr. Maha Salman, Head of the Department of Interior Design, at CUD’s School of Architecture and Interior Design.  

Paola Gavilanez, the Program Chair of the CIDA-accredited Interior Design Program at KPU’s Wilson School of Design, remarked on the similarities between the institutions, “We're very excited and we’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how similar our courses are, how wonderful CUD students are, and that the experiences we have here and there are more similar than we are different." This sentiment was echoed in observations of classroom environments and educational practices at both universities, which revealed alignment in teaching approaches and student experiences. Such parallels offer reassurance to prospective transfer students, fostering a familiar learning environment despite the geographical shift. 

This articulation agreement not only paves the way for Interior Design students but also lays the groundwork for future academic partnerships across various disciplines. “This is just the start of many more collaborations to come,” said Zainab Al-koubaisi, KPU’s Director of Global Engagement.  

As KPU and CUD forge ahead with this agreement, they reinforce their commitment to educational excellence and herald a new era of cooperation that promises to enrich the global academic landscape.