Canadian University Dubai Student Develops a Security System Ensuring the Safety of Passengers in Vehicles

June 18th 2019: Canadian University Dubai Engineering student, Ali Jassim, has been featured in an article published by the popular Arabic-language newspaper, ‘Al Bayan’, showcasing his innovative and intelligent solution to lower incidences of car accidents and to regulate traffic, using modern sensor technology.

Aware of the many interrelated factors that cause traffic accidents, Jassim’ s innovation focuses on improving the protection and security of the vehicles of the future – driverless cars – to ensure the safety of passengers.

Jassim explained, “The project is to create a safety system, and a vision for the future of cars without drivers, with the aim of regulating traffic and lowering incidences of accidents. The technology behind the innovation uses electronic sensors distributed on the front and sides of the vehicles to send warning signals to the overall vehicle control as it approaches surrounding objects, which then enables the car to avoid any possible collision.”

Explaining its advantages and uses further, Jassim said, “This technology can be applied to ordinary cars, large trucks, buses that transport workers, and school buses in particular, to secure the students during the journey to and from school.”

Highlighting the technology’s importance for school buses, Jassim concluded, “It will protect students from traffic hazards and run-ins, as the sensors provided to the vehicles also prevent contact with people. The vehicles are equipped with cameras that will measure distances between vehicles, ensuring speed reduction and wandering, without collisions.”