Canadian University Dubai virtually celebrates Canada Day

July 2, 2020: Canada Day is Canada’s birthday, and this year, Canada turns 153 years old. Marked by the union of its provinces, Canada Day is celebrated formally as a historical milestone toward an independent nation and informally around the northern country as a kick-off to the summer season. While Canada Day typically brings Canadian backyards to life and showcases the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Musical Ride, 2020, in light of COVID restrictions, surely brought out a different approach. In honouring its bond with Canada, Canadian University Dubai offered a virtual celebration to celebrate this special day.

Jean-Philippe Linteau, Consul General of Canada in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, wished the CUD family a happy Canada Day and thanked students and staff for their collective efforts to stay safe and persevere during the COVID pandemic. “Covid-19 has changed our lives at school, at work and in our homes. I want to thank all the CUD students, staff, and families for listening to the advice of public health authorities….this year Canadians, like millions around the world, are celebrating a stay at home birthday, but together.”

Prof. Karim Chelli, President and Vice-Chancellor, addressed CUD students to honour Canada as part of our community, values, and perspectives. “Canada Day is the perfect time to highlight our pride and shared values between Canada, the UAE, and CUD. Together, we embody multi-culturalism and dignity when representing our history, our people, and our ambitions.”

In addition, members of the CUD community received well wishes and celebratory messages across social medial platforms, including an ensemble instrumental of the UAE national anthem, played by CUD student, pianist: Faisal Al Khani, CUD alumni, violinist: Jude Kanawati, and professional viola player: Lance Alley and an acapella rendition of the Canadian national anthem sung by soloist Sandra Salloum.