The contribution of human sciences to educational processes associated with COVID-19

Tuesday, November 9, 2021: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is pleased to share the recent work of Dr. Leonardo Mataruna Dos Santos, Associate Professor, Sports Management. His article entitled “The contribution of human sciences to educational processes associated with COVID-19" explores the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the social and behavioral factors that have played a fundamental role in its rapid spread. The article can be accessed here.

Human sciences, focusing on educational processes, is identified as a significant contributor to human behavior congruent with public health recommendations. To identify and evaluate COVID-19 guidelines and procedures, an inclusion criterion was derived from the databases of the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), related to this disease including recommendations and orientations.

It was concluded that two demands are potentially needed to stimulate some reflection about the consequences of COVID-19; (1) the first relating to the symptomatic, asymptomatic, and pre-symptomatic manifestations of the virus and the evaluation of risky behaviors and (2) the second relating to the dynamics involving educational processes, communication, and dissemination of scientific knowledge to interfere with social and behavioral issues aiming at improving human behavior and the ongoing scenario.

A global pandemic requires no less than a world effort to end it, and Dr. Leonardo’s recent collaboration demonstrates Canadian University Dubai’s willingness to contribute to the ongoing COVID-19 strategic response initiatives.