CUD Alumni | An Accomplished Author

Alumni, Shatha Al Zarouni, Bachelor of Arts in Communication in Public Relations

Canadian University Dubai is proud of alumni, Shatha Al Zarouni (Daawy), who has successfully published her second book ‘No Wounds Left to Sing’

Daawy, a law graduate from Nottingham Trent University, has recently graduated with a communications degree from the Canadian University Dubai.  She began her writing career as a child, earning top honours in a writing competition.  In her debut novel, ‘From the Capital with Love’, she aspired to create a bridge between the Arabic and English worlds.  Her book has been reviewed internationally and featured in several newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television interviews. Daawy has also published several short stories in international anthologies.

Her most recent publication, ‘No Wounds Left to Sing’ is an inspiration of stories collected over a two-year period – and delivered in the form of a short, simple read of poetry.  

“Our life is transformed by the journey of love. Love is universal.” Shatha Al Zarouni (Daawy), Author

Daawy’s friends sought her wisdom for their application to life – which fuelled the author to begin to portray the emotions from their experiences into short poetry.  The author hopes her words would offer burning wounds a soothing balm, until no wounds are left to sing.

The book is a sequence of musings finding its events unfolding in the journey of life – an overview of romantic relationships and insights into each season, starting with love ... and travelling all the way through to healing.

The author’s favourite chapter from the book is ‘Writing and Literature’. Her favourite quote is: “We breathed our love for words, boosting its intensity ..... When I drowned in language, I departed with myself.” Shatha Al Zarouni (Daawy), Author 

CUD is proud of Shatha’s accomplishments as a successful book author. Daawy’s second book ‘No Wounds Left to Sing’ will be published on November 30th, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.