CUD celebrates National Flag Day

November 1st, 2018: The UAE flag has been hoisted above the campus of Canadian University Dubai (CUD) in an official ceremony to celebrate National Flag Day 2018.

In the presence of Mr. Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, Chancellor of Canadian University Dubai, faculty, staff and students at the University came together to see the flag raised to the sound of the UAE national anthem at 12 noon on Thursday, November 1st.

The National anthem was performed by members of the Dubai Chamber Choir consisting of Tamanna Sajeed, Srimukhi Venkat, Shrinidhi Venkat and Riham Omar. They were accompanied by Mr. Rivaan Mager, CUD Music Coordinator on keyboards, Ms.Jude Kanawati, one of our Alumni, on violin and Feras Ayman on drums.

The university joined in the celebrations being conducted by organizations and individuals across the country to show their pride as residents and citizens of the UAE.

Participants brought flags and dressed in the colors of the UAE as the whole University community came together in a show of unity.

You can follow the ceremony on