CUD collaborates on consortium research: training during the COVID‑19 lockdown

Thursday, October 28, 2021: Canadian University Dubai continues to expand its collaborative research efforts with the recent work of Dr. Leonardo Mataruna Dos Santos, Associate Professor, Sports Management. His article entitled “Training During the COVID‑19 Lockdown: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices of 12,526 Athletes from 142 Countries and Six Continents” has gained traction globally as a consortium research piece with 105 contributing specialists.

Consortium research is a method for researcher-practitioner collaboration in design-oriented in medicine that aims to deliver results which are both of scientific rigor and of relevance for sport management. It facilitates multilateral collaboration between these two groups during the research process to find effective solutions, in this case specifically for athletes around the globe.

The article, accessible here, explores the period of COVID-19 and the challenges academic researchers, coaches, and athletes are facing with training and working out. The findings from this research will help to increase momentum for sport management, giving autonomy, providing knowledge management, and new beliefs and attitudes about sport training. These results are essential to constructing a new concept of the future sportsman- using remote practices, digital strategies, and new innovative technologies.

Speaking to the significance of his research, Dr. Leonardo said: “Our findings have uncovered key trends that are valuable to the future of sport training and orientation. The challenges that athletes experienced during lockdown reduced their motivation, which was amplified by the lack of competition. Remote-based practices and information resources are necessary to improve these conditions moving forward.”

Dr. Leonardo’s work speaks to Canadian University Dubai’s exceptional worldwide collaborative efforts, contributing to the international realm of education and providing effective solutions to global issues that leave a lasting impact on society.