CUD’s Faculty of Management Participated in the First Management Case Study Seminar of its Kind

Canadian University Dubai's (CUD) Faculty of Management participated in the first management case study seminar of its kind, on November 10th, 2022 – presented by the Faculty of Management’s Dr. Rommel Sergio and Dr. Ettiene Paul Hoffman.

The workshop promoted the integration between theory and practice – through the application of case studies to the curriculum in business management.  Scientific theories are integrated into the syllabus, and case studies provide solutions with practical applications of these theories in organizations and management principles – developing the participants' conceptualization skills.  

“The case study workshop aligns with the Faculty of Management’s strategic direction to prepare students for the challenges they will face in this ever-changing globalized business market.” Dr. Ettiene Paul Hoffman, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, CUD.  Dr. Hoffman is a published author, management coach, and seasoned corporate executive. His research interest lies in exploring organizational behaviour, causes, and outcomes of dysfunctional leadership in organizations.  

“The case study method serves as a tool for CUD’s students to actively engage in figuring out the principles by abstracting from the examples – through the development of problem solving, analytical, quantitative and/or qualitative skills. The workshop enables CUD’s Faculty of Management to find ways and means for students to learn, assimilate, and apply the concepts, providing a student centric approach.” Dr. Rommel Sergio, Associate Dean, Faculty of Management, CUD.

In research, Dr. Sergio has published in several Scopus indexed journals, and co-authored several academic research papers that he presented and garnered the best paper award at the international academic conferences, including Harvard University. He has published several case studies at the United Kingdom Case Centre. Moreover, he has been an editor of Amazon’s best-selling book “Management Cases: Thriving Organizations in the New Normal”, which features 22 organizations from around the globe. 

A follow-up session to the business case study workshop will continue in January 2023.