CUD Health Professor Addresses Health Conference

November 7th and 8th, 2018: Dr Ahmad Okasha, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental health Sciences addressed the 5th Health Insurance Conference "Innovation in Healthcare Insurance”  in Dubai. 

Dr. Okasha talked about diagnostic related groups (DRGs) international implementations, what health insurance companies can expect, and how they can be fully prepared.  DHA has announced that it’s going to implement DRG payment system in Dubai by January 2019. 

The conference focused on Technical innovations in medical insurance and broking sectors; encouraging and highlighting innovation in the medical insurance sector; a call for action for all stakeholders to innovate in their respective field; the cost containment & implementation of the DRG concept and the role of brokers in innovation.

The large increase in new insurance has raised the need to implement a billing system that will lead to enhanced ease of payment and greater transparency.

The agenda for the Conference can be found here:

Dr. Okasha’s presentation was well received as spoke about an important problem affecting Health Insurance in the UAE which is currently in the process of being solved.