CUD Health & Wellness Day a Huge Success

September 17th, 2018: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) in conjunction with Dubai-based clinic Health Call and its general manager, Ousama Alnazzal, has hosted a day-long event dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing among everyone on campus.

Several trained professionals attended the event, including certified Obesity Medicine specialist, Dr. Charles F. Cheatham. The specialists from Health Call provided a full health examination for curious students, which included Smokerlyzer tests, blood sugar tests, and cholesterol tests. The students were also provided with a full height, weight, and waistline analysis. Many of the attendees among students and staff were also given a generous variety of vouchers, in addition to the free consultations.

Taking place at the same time as CUD’s Student Club Signup event, the whole day ran smoothly thanks to the organizers, the Student Council, whose members were present throughout. The experts and managers from Health Call attracted quite an audience of curious students who were more than happy with the advice that they were given. The students who attended agreed that the event was a great success.