CUD hosts Dubai City Sound Summer Concert

May 4th, 2019: CUD played host to Dubai City Sound (DCS) performing their annual summer season concert.

This season’s concert was entitled ‘Moondance.’ This magical choir has built an atmosphere of trust and care, friendship and strong bonds, exhibited in the lively rendition of the Friends theme tune, ‘I’ll be there for you.’ The choir introduced many new numbers including the show title song ‘Moondance’ by Van Morrison, the Moulin Rouge classic ‘Come What May’ and Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’, which was requested as the encore song for the evening, as well as DCS favourites such as ‘Something Inside So Strong,’ the winning song from the 2017 Choirfest and ‘Roar/Firework’ which the choir performed to a full house at Dubai Opera House last year to the delight of an appreciative audience.

Dubai City Sound is an all-female acapella choir who have been active in Dubai around for over 25 years and is made up of women from over 15 nationalities. The ladies rehearse weekly and perform several times each year including their summer concert for family and friends.

Speaking on behalf of DCS, Choirmaster Gayle Powell thanked to the university and especially Mr. Rivaan Mager, Music Coordinator of CUD for graciously hosting this year’s event. She said, “Canadian University Dubai could not have been more accommodating and we are very grateful to you all. The theatre was the perfect size for the event and drew favourable comments from our audience. A huge thanks to the team and of course to Phil for his wonderful and humorous compering that weaved the show together perfectly.”

She added, “Having collaborated with Mr. Rivaan and the Ensemble choir over the last year with the talented children from Ensemble opening for them at their festive concert in Hartland International School, DCS were delighted to have the opportunity to perform at CUD. We look forward to our continued collaborations with CUD and the Ensemble next season”.